2010 Autumn Semester Week 4: Wikipedia and Medical Wikis

The 4th week was focusing on Medical wikis and Wikipedia.

First slideshow on medical wikis.

Take-home message:

If you want to share and create content online, a wiki is a great tool to use.

I’ve been a Wikipedia administrator since 2006 so this topic is really close to my heart. Second slideshow is dedicated to Wikipedia issues.

  • Facebook + Google + Flickr (=) Wikipedia
  • How to build an encyclopedia? Pay professionals? Certainly not.
  • I believe in the power of masses.
  • Wikipedia statistics, history (Larry Sanger, Jimmy Wales)
  • 10 most visited websites in the world: Wikipedia is the 6th one.
  • Why is Wikipedia great? (Free, fast, comprehensive, discussions, easy to edit, objective, etc)
  • Why it isn’t great. (Almost the same reasons)
  • Vandalism and how we fight it: Huggle
  • Basics of editing an article; page history, talk pages
  • A Wikipedia article minute by minute:

Take-home message:

Wikipedia is a great place to start your research, but should never be the last source you finish your research with.


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