3rd Semester: New Mission

To be honest, I’m very proud of this university course (this is the first of its kind that is launched at a medical school) and now I’m ready to launch the 3rd semester. The new semester will be centered around a new structure (see below) and a new form of slideshows (Prezi.com). And I’m happy to announce that the whole course will get a brand new website in January where I will publish the content and other details as well.

Here is the new structure:

1st week:

  • Web 2.0: An introduction into a world of possibilities
  • Web 2.0 in medicine: Practical examples, an overview of the whole course

2nd week:

  • The medical blogosphere (why to blog; success stories, advantages; examples)
  • From the first comment to blog carnivals: Step by step (how to start and maintain a medical blog)

3rd week:

4th week:

  • Everything you have to know about Wikipedia (how and why students and doctors should use it)
  • The world of medical wikis (how wikis work and how many wikis we know)

5th week:

6th week:

7th week:

  • Managing a medical practice online (hospitals in social media, Jay Parkinson; American Well and many more)
  • A new way of collaboration: Google Docs (how to write a document online)

8th week:

9th week:

  • Medical search engines (personalized searches, Scienceroll Search, how to use Pubmed)
  • The Google phenomenon (Google Docs, Health, Calendar, Alerts, etc.)

10th week:

First_aid_with_mouse_mod small


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