Medicine 2.0 Credit Course: Reloaded!

Last September, I launched the first university course that focuses on web 2.0 and medicine for medical students. Almost 50 students attended the 20 slideshows through 10 weeks and they filled a survey out before and after the course. This week I presented the results to a few professors at the university.

So next week, I re-launch the course, but this time in English. I plan to publish some of the teaching material as well.

Medicine20 Course 4 by you.

You have no idea how fed up I am with geographical limits, so if there are enough participants, I’m open to launch the course in Second Life as well. I hope each medical student who is interested in topics such as the medical blogosphere, medical meetings in Second Life, medical Twitterers or search, can attend the course either in real life or virtually.

I also plan to compare the attitude towards web 2.0 of Hungarian students and English speaking students and will publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal.

An excerpt from the official announcement:

The course will take place on each Thursday at 17:00-18:30 from 26 of February through 10 weeks in the auditorium of the Department of Pediatrics. 1 credit point.

Those students who would like to attend the course, please, contact the Department of Behavioural Sciences,

See you there!


9 Responses to “Medicine 2.0 Credit Course: Reloaded!”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Berci – This looks great. It will be interesting to see it there any differences in attitude between Hungarian and English speaking students. Do the students have to complete an assessment for your course?

  2. Eduardo Alvarado Says:

    Here in Peru we are just starting to discover the medicine 2.0 and it would be a great opportunity to attend to the course on second life. Thank you Berci!

  3. Denton Shanks Says:

    As current MPH (Masters in Public Health) student in Philadelphia PA USA and a future medical student (D.O.) in Phoenix AZ USA. Thank you very much for the first version of this course (I accessed the material from your website) and I am now very excited for the next course. I am looking forward to viewing even more of your material online and I think a second life version would be great. Is it possible to video or audio record the lectures?

  4. Ben Says:

    Berci – this stuff is great – and opens students eyes to what is possible with medecine 2.0. The majority of people dont even know about this stuff but to the new generations this will be second nature. If you ever present your slides in england, or want to take your message to england, get in touch as myself and James would love to be part of it!

  5. ciscogiii Says:


    Can I come over and attend one of the lectures while I am in Europe, even if it’s in Hungarian I think it would be fascinating to attend.



  6. Bertalan Meskó Says:

    That would be great, Cisco. I would, of course, organize an English presentation for you. 🙂

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