Week 8: Education 2.0

First slideshow: Medical practice online

  • Why doctors must organize their practices properly?
  • Lifehack about how to be efficient online
  • Google Docs, Home Blood Pressure Monitoring, Connotea, etc.
  • Cases: Medting, Clinical Cases and Images, Cases Journal
  • Conferences: conferencealerts.com, medicon.com.au, gotomeeting.com
  • Tools: Second Life, patientkeeper.com, Phreesia, Google Calendar, RSS, podcast
  • Homepage = reputation

Take-home message: Make your work as easy and efficient as possible.

Second slideshow: Education 2.0

  • Lack of inspiration (educators)
  • Lack of motivation (students)
  • But we can find motivation and inspiration online
  • e.g. Ted Talk
  • Why? We’re changing (communication, students, even children)
  • We’re digital natives.
  • Many examples, statistics about education and its problems
  • “If you want to teach me, you first have to reach me”
  • Wikipedia, Quiz.md, mind mapping, slideshare, simulations, thinkanatomy.com, twitter, friendfeed, and many more

Take-home message: The web is full educational resources. Let’s start using them.


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