Week 7: Collaboration Online

First slideshow: Doctors and the media

  • We don’t watch TV on TV any more.
  • Statistics about Youtube (pros and cons)
  • ustream.tv
  • Twiddeo.com
  • How could a doctor reach the patient? (newspaper, ads, other patients)
  • How can they reach them now? Through online videos.
  • scivee.tv, thedoctorschannel.com, emedtv.com
  • Or video consultation:
  • Jay Parkinson, Hello Health, American Well
  • Podcasts: Is it easier to read or to listen to?
  • List of best podcasts
  • Automatic podcast: Odiogo
  • Doctor Radio Show: Doctor Anonymous


Take-home message: the channels of media are changing so doctors can reach patients more easily.

Second slideshow: Collaboration Online

  • Collaboration so far: e-mail, mails by post, etc.
  • Now: docs.google.com (how to edit, open, save, publish, etc)
  • Zoho.com
  • What offline tools we have to substitute online?
  • Table = wiki
  • White board = Twitter
  • Notes = Google Docs
  • Talk = Skype
  • And many more: Google Groups, blogs, Friedfeed rooms, Ning.com, Flickr.com…

Take-home message: There are no boundaries of collaboration any more.


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