Week 10: Towards web 3.0

First slideshow: Towards web 3.0

  • Buzzwords!! (there is no real difference)
  • Features of web 1.0, web 2.0 and web 3.0
  • Concept of semantic web: example of collecting stamps
  • I write documents about all of my stamps and later I want to find stamps with red background
  • What to do? I do a search but will find the Red Cross stamp and other stamps that have red in their names but don’t have a red background.
  • Solution: tell the computer stamp is a stamp, but red is a colour.
  • Give meaning to information.
  • + OpenID, interoperability (peoplebrowsr.com)
  • Powerset.com, Hakia.com, Twine.com, Freebase.com
  • What’s next?
  • Web 4.0? (glidedigital.com)
  • myrl.com, mobile 2.0, internet TV


Take-home message: The story is just about to begin…

Second slideshow: Summary of the last 10 weeks

  • Examples for all the tools and sites we have talked about. Many many examples.
  • This was the first university credit course of its kind.

Take-home message: I hope I could help you on your way towards web 2.0…


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