Week 6: Medicine in Second Life

First slideshow:

  • Why do we need a second life?
  • communtiy + online games + simulation = Second Life
  • go to secondlife.com
  • More than 15 million users, 28,274,505 online hours
  • What does SL mean for people?
  • It used to mean sex and money (but not now)
  • Game? (chess); work? (The number of Second Life residents generating more than $5,000 in monthly income has more than quadrupled to 116 in the past year, according to San Francisco’s Linden Lab, owner of Second Life.); place?; tool?; entertainment?; sport?; opportunity?; appearance?
  • register, download, install, open, log in
  • You will be redirected to orientation island to learn the basic features.
  • Avatars: alter egos or different avatars
  • You can fly, walk, teleport, buy, sell, build.
  • Communication (chat, IM, e-mail, voice)
  • advantages (3D, media content, fast communication – SL fitness)
  • disadvantages (reliability, serious hardware requirement)
  • why do we need a SL?



Take-home message: great opportunities for patients and medical professionals as well.

Second slideshow:

Take-home message: SL provides useful tools to organize meetings, educate and learn without borders.


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