Week 5: The world of e-patients and medical communities

First slideshow: The world of e-patients

  • Who is a good patient? (referring to I am a good patient, believe it or not; Alejandro R Jadad, Carlos A Rizo, Murray W Enkin; BMJ  2003;326:1293-1295 (14 June), doi:10.1136/bmj.326.7402.1293 )
  • Types of patients: the powerful other; external controller, internal controller or google patient or brainsucker or googlers
  • An e-patient is equipped, enabled, empowered, engaged, equal and expert.
  • Examples: maartensjourney.com and youtube.com/user/geriatric1927
  • What do e-patients use? Websites (Web MD), blogs (fightpompe.com, sixuntilme.com); Second Life (Healthinfo Island), services (sugarstats.com or traineo.com)
  • Community sites: Varoszoba.hu (Hungarian)
  • Patientslikeme.com: Featuring the research they’re doing
  • imedix.com: real-time chat
  • dlife.com: biggest diabetic community
  • butyoudontlooksick.com, iancommunity.org, mycarecommunity.org
  • What to do with medical charts and papers? Introduction to the world of personal helath records (Google Health).
  • How does a community work? I posted a message on Twitter, Kerri replied to it and made a video message for the students.
  • Statistics about how patients use the web (source is Pew Internet Project Survey)
  • Describing apomediation
  • How to help e-patients as doctors (don’t use jargons, be patient, show credible sites focusing on medically reliable information)

Take-home message:

Physicians of the 21st century must be qualified to meet the expectations of e-patients. They’re the new generation of patients.

And the new generation of hypochonders.

Second slideshow: Medical communities online

  • I have an opinion and post it online
  • But others have their own opinions as well
  • It becomes hard to find information and we need places/sites where information is collected and selected by other experts and collegues.
  • How to find a collegue or to get answer for a medical question? By using telephone, Google or Facebook? Certainly not…
  • We need medical community sites
  • Examples: Tiromed.com, Sermo.com, Nature Network and many more.
  • Microblogging (Twitter and Friendfeed)
  • Advantages of medical communities, disadvantages

Take-home message:

Divide and share instead of conquer…


3 Responses to “Week 5: The world of e-patients and medical communities”

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  3. Scott Says:

    Thanks for this..excellent video

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