Week 1: What are medicine and health 2.0 about?

This is the blog of the first university credit course focusing on medicine 2.0. The lecture of first week was an introduction to the world of web 2.0 and medicine 2.0. I presented a slideshow quite similar to the one I presented in Wien and Toronto.

Then I had some suggestions about how to build an online reputation.

I finished the lecture with the famous video, the web 2.0 bubble:

Take-home message:

E-patients will rule the world and we have to be ready and qualified to meet their expectations, answer their questions.


3 Responses to “Week 1: What are medicine and health 2.0 about?”

  1. Marília Says:

    Nice slides…! With a lot of humour…!
    I didn’t expect the carnival photo lol – it looks like a lot to the carnival in my city (Salvador), actually the place in the picture looks quite familiar, do you know if the picture was from Salvador/Bahia? just a curiosity…

    Congratulations on your course, I hope it’ll be a success!

  2. Hamza Says:

    nice tips , nice intro as well to medicine too , hope it’ll success .

  3. Olumayokun Says:

    i need details about ur 2.0 medicine course of study.

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